Securing Your Embedded Device with Tailscale

Tailscale allows you to easily integrate WireGuard VPN functionality to secure your embedded Linux device. While WireGuard provides a secure VPN tunnel at the kernel level, Tailscale secures the network between devices, servers, computers and cloud instances, even when separated by firewalls or subnets. It also enforces multi-factor authentication and only allows devices to connect after signing in through an existing identity provider.

Sign up for the Tailscale service and log into Pantacor hub One

The following explains how to install the Tailscale App onto your PantahubOne device and set everything up correctly. Before you begin this tutorial, go to the and sign up for an account.

  • First you’ll need to direct your browser to Pantacor Hub One at
  • Select your device, click the cog to open the interface and click the Apps button (see screenshot below).
screenshot showing Apps button being clicked in interface
  • Click the Install button under Tailscale VPN.
screenshot showing green install button
  • And wait for the installation process to complete.
screenshot showing progress bar and notification that changes are being applied
  • Once installation completes, click on the newly created Tailscale VPN button to add the configuration settings.
cropped screenshot showing Tailscale VPN button with a small key graphic next to it
  • For a basic installation you only need to add your authorization key. The key is obtained by logging into Tailscale, visiting and generating a new one. Paste the key into the ‘Authorization Key‘ field in the Settings tab.
Animated gif showing a user requesting the authorization key from tailscale's website, copying it and pasting it into the authorization key field in the settings tabs of Pantahub's Tailscale App

Finally click the Overview tab, enable Tailscale VPN and click Apply!

screenshot showing the Tailscale - enabled button being switched on

Now enjoy your VPN!


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