Configuring WireGuard with StrongVPN to Safeguard Embedded Devices

WireGuard is a modern and fast VPN protocol that implements state of the art cryptography that operates at the kernel level to secure your UDP packets on Linux embedded devices. WireGuard’s VPN protocol, StongVPN is a more secure alternative to IPSec. In this tutorial we’ll explain how to setup the StrongVPN WireGuard service on your Pantacor One device.

First you’ll need to direct your browser to Pantacor One at

Select the device you want to secure by clicking the gear and then the Apps button.

screenshot showing the Apps button

Click the Install button under WireGuard VPN

screenshot of WireGuard VPN Install button

And wait for the installation process to complete

screenshot showing installation process occurring

Once installation completes you’ll need to click on the newly created WireGuard VPN button to enter it’s configuration settings.

screenshot of WireGuard VPN settings button

Now you’ll need to obtain the configuration file from StrongVPN. Please visit and login with your username and password there.

screenshot of WireGuard configuration generator login screen

Now you’ll need to select your location and click the ‘Generate’ button to download your configuration file. Please note that you don’t need to select a platform or any additional options as we’re just looking for a generic configuration file.

screenshot of WireGuard config Generator

Once the file is downloaded you’ll want to open it in Notepad. From there you can copy & paste the contents of the config file into your WireGuard Settings tab (see gif) animated gif showing the WireGuard Configuration being downloaded, opened, copy and pasted into PantahubOne settings

Finally click the Overview tab, enable Tailscale VPN and click Apply!

screenshot of the enable switch and Apply button

Now enjoy your VPN!