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As 5G and the general Internet of Things (IoT) become common terms, we enter a future where everything from your smartwatch to your household appliances are connected. The industry today, however, is not yet ready to meet this goal with many static and single-purpose, embedded Linux devices in your home and office that haven’t changed in the last decade.

Even though these devices are Linux-based, many are resource-constrained which limits the use of modern cloud native technologies. To fully realize a connected IoT future at the edge, you’re left with having to either manually update firmware and software, or replace fixed-purpose devices with more powerful embedded Linux devices at a significant cost.

“With Pantavisor’s small footprint, you can take advantage of open source technology to deploy and manage new applications and services on any embedded Linux device.”

What it does

With the Pantacor platform you can leverage modern cloud native technology like containers and DevOps processes to remotely manage an IoT network for all embedded Linux devices. Pantacor connects, deploys and manages software on any Linux device, regardless of its footprint size.

The critical building block of the Pantacor Platform is the open source framework Pantavisor that connects and containerizes embedded Linux devices. Pantavisor is the container-based init system turning your static firmware Linux device into a multi-functional one and enables you to control the full lifecycle of the software and firmware on embedded Linux devices. Pantavisor allows you to manage the base OS, and can also extend the device’s feature set by deploying containerized applications and services. Pantavisor manages containerized applications alongside your existing custom applications without requiring any changes to your existing device infrastructure:

Why should I care?

Many embedded Linux devices out there today are single purpose, resource constrained and unconnected. For most embedded devices, particularly those on the far edge, it’s not always possible to use open source technologies like containers and meet these extreme resource constraints. But with Pantavisor’s small footprint, you can take advantage of open source technology to deploy and manage new applications and services on any embedded Linux device.  

Pantavisor reduces container resources to mere scaffolding around your base userland, or firmware, so that any core firmware gains all of the benefits of container lifecycle management without requiring you to change its core architecture. There is no need to replace your custom-made Linux firmware with a big resource intensive distribution:

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Pantacor is the only complete lifecycle management solution for embedded Linux systems to implement container and cloud native technology that can address the far edge resource requirements of a modern day single-purpose embedded device.

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