Modern software lifecycle management at scale

Delivering containerized applications to the edge with DevOps and open source


Managing the rapid growth of applications and services at the edge in a world of connected devices is still a stretch for many. Devices need to be secure, up to date and also continuously offer new and innovative functionality. 

Meeting these demands on a variety of architectures and with varying resource constraints using the latest technology and processes can be a challenge. In addition to this, you may want to keep existing applications and current infrastructure. Even if you decide to change architectures, it’s especially important that you can leverage open source without being locked into a single vendor.

“We need to change the way we are updating embedded devices. We are seeing the same issues in embedded as in the early cloud days, where applications and software, in general, were just getting too complex to manage.”

— Ricardo Mendoza, CEO of Pantacor

What it does

Pantacor delivers containerized applications and services to all of your embedded Linux devices. If it runs Linux, Pantacor supports it. This means you can take advantage of the latest open source technology and modern DevOps best practices to deliver new applications and services across your fleets of devices.  

Quickly onboard sensor readers, Bluetooth gateways, and USB IoT connections through a remote application deployment on your edge devices. Works on both current and future Linux-based IoT devices. Pantacor Hub’s robust, distributed management platform allows AP providers to:

Why should I care?

Hosted applications deployed and managed through Pantacor Hub reduces total cost of ownership, and eliminates the need for physical overlay network or fragmented control planes. Silicon providers, OEM’s, and Product Owners can take advantage of Pantacor to enable a faster and easier method of deploying apps, managing firmware, and gathering real-time data from edge devices.

Software and Firmware Lifecycle Management at Scale

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The Pantacor platform is the most open and general purpose answer to the technical problem of “how do I build, deploy and manage my connected devices”?

Built from industry insights and real-life customer requirements, Pantacor combines modern DevOps best practices with embedded-first technologies to help any product maker add value to the Smart Device Edge. Open source and without vendor lock-in, the Pantacor platform manages the full life cycle of firmware and applications and can extend any feature set, bringing new life to resource-constrained devices at the far edge.

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