Rapid service delivery for the intelligent home and business edge

How can Communication Service Providers (CSPs) leverage subscriber Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and offer additional services? With modern cloud-based technologies, CPEs already in homes and small businesses can seamlessly deliver innovative new services. 

Traditionally CSPs offer connectivity and television bundles with little else. The millions of CPEs that exist today in homes and businesses are more than capable of running additional services. But up until now, it was a challenge to keep these devices up to date, let alone deliver new and innovative services.

Continuously deliver services to CPE

Routers and other CPE offer operators a vast range of possibilities for adding value to their subscribers. But before rolling new services out onto today’s existing CPE, operators need an efficient and modern strategy for deploying to them. The key to solving this problem is technology that remotely delivers services and updates over the air to existing CPE systems. Even today, securing CPE in the home and small business with critical patches when needed can be challenging. Updates occur in small windows for only the most critical bug fixes. Once operators have the confidence to continuously update and secure CPE, they can extend service offerings to generate more revenue while increasing device security and reliability.

Expand your service model today

Pantacor combines agile DevOps best practices with modern and embedded-first technology to help operators deliver value to the customer edge. By implementing open source technology, operators can deploy new services and security updates over the air to CPE like routers running OpenWRT and other Linux-based systems.

Pantavisor Engine for CPE solutions and app management

The cornerstone of Pantacor’s platform is the Pantavisor Engine, an open-source framework for building and running applications and systems on existing technology and systems. The Engine is a lightweight embedded-first container manager that turns your static fixed-function CPE into a modular and software-defined device that can deliver multiple services at once. Pantavisor provides a modern and agile technology stack and gives operators with the ability to implement automated and agile strategies to deploy continuously, narrowing the gap between the network, the smart edge, and the customer.

Operators can deploy updates and services to CPE thousands of times per day instead of once every six to twelve months. Pantavisor engine safely extends the intelligent edge to instantly deliver new services to customers on equipment they already own.


Continuously deliver innovative services through a custom-branded app store

Safely manage and update CPE fleets through any operator dashboard by integrating with our easy-to-use APIs. Alternatively, CSPs may also take advantage of the same tools offered through our hosted SaaS, Pantacor Hub.

Accelerate your service model on the customer edge

CSPs can use Pantacor to deliver the following new solutions to small business and home subscribers on existing CPE with an app store branded to your specifications:

Wifi optimization by Assia

Adaptive and customizable WiFi solutions and services for your customers.

Parental access control by Gryphon

IP filtering and other tools to provide complete control over what content gets streamed into a household.

Diagnostics and testing from SamKnows

Deploy tests and other specialized applications to ensure your network meets performance and standard compliance.

Digital VPN by Tailscale or ProtonVPN

Protect data and block unwanted access to home and business WiFi, and provide controlled access to networks from anywhere.

Custom solutions

Custom innovative applications built in-house can be delivered through a branded app store.

Key Features and Benefits

Transform existing CPE into software defined and easily updated device with the following benefits:

Expand product model with new services

Take advantage of memory and other space on existing CPE devices. With Pantavisor Engine, operators can leverage unused space in the storage medium, be it low level NOR/NAND flash or higher class eMMC devices.

Continuously deliver updates and features

Continuously deliver new services, updates and security patches through a familiar app store experience. With a click of a button, customers can update, patch and subscribe to new innovative solutions.

Reduce deployment complexity

Automatically deploy new services with modern technology like containers alongside legacy applications or other infrastructure without rebuilding or reinstalling the entire monolithic system.

Decouple lifecycle management tasks

Deploy updates without rebuilding the monolithic embedded system. System updates can be isolated and updated independently from any applications and services.

Zero downtime updates

Remotely deploy new services, updates, and patches safely over the air to CPE fleets with zero downtime. Pantavisor’s git-like developer experience enable operators to maintain a good device state by rolling back or forward when necessary.

Better security and compliance

Apply updates and patches to apps and more in a responsive and timely manner. Deploy software to meet network speed compliance and other regulations.

Modernize CPE stack alongside legacy apps

Continuously deploy modular updates to new services and apps and modernizing your stack. At the same time, maintain legacy applications as they are slowly deprecated and phased out.