A platform for next generation IoT applications

What is Pantacor?

Built from industry insights and customer requirements, Pantacor combines modern DevOps best practices with embedded-first technologies to help product makers add tangible value to the smart device edge. Open source and without vendor lock-in, the Pantacor platform implements containers and other cloud-native technology to connect, and manage the full lifecycle of firmware and applications at scale for smart edge devices and the Internet of Things.

Pantacor consists of three core components: Pantavisor Linux, Hub, and Fleet. The critical building block is Pantavisor Linux, an open source framework for building containerized embedded Linux systems. Pantavisor is the container-based init system that turns your static fixed-function Linux device into a modular software-defined device to control the lifecycle of the device’s firmware and applications.

Pantavisor Linux

Transform any Linux-enabled device whether that’s home WiFi routers or industrial control systems into a modular and software-defined connected IoT. The lightweight and open source Pantavisor Linux framework builds and manages containerized embedded systems with LXC or Linux containers. It can also extend any device’s feature set by running standard Docker applications and services.

Pantacor Hub

Hub is our open source SaaS or on-premise service for remote device management. Pantavisor-enabled devices seamlessly connect to your Hub instance for device state and system revisions, as well as firmware and software lifecycle management. If your organization already uses existing fleet management and orchestration solutions to manage software rollouts, Hub can act as the interface between your third-party management control plane and any Pantavisor-enabled devices.

Pantacor Fleet

If you don’t have an existing management control plane that can leverage the Pantacor Hub API for lifecycle management, then Fleet can provide it. Available as a SaaS, Fleet adds an orchestration layer on top of Hub’s Basic APIs. It lets you partition your device deployments according to logical groups and enables release teams to continuously deliver updates and rollouts to the IoT with fine-grained control.


Choose a business model that best supports your device fleets. All tiers except the free version are based on the monthly target limit of the number of devices registered in the Pantacor Hub* controller.



  • No SLA and no guarantees on level of Service
  • Up to 25 devices connected
  • 25 GB of Object and Logs storage
  • 2 GB of outbound Data Transfer


/ month
  • 99% uptime and 24 hour response SLA
  • 500 devices included
  • 100 GB of Object and Logs storage
  • 10 GB of outbound Data Transfer
Business Plus


/ month
  • 99.9% uptime and 60 minute response SLA
  • 5000 devices included
  • Unlimited Object and Logs storage Unlimited outbound Data Transfer (Fair Usage applies)
Enterprise & OEM


/ month
  • 100K+ Devices
  • Kubernetes, On-site, and DevOps Ready

*This pricing is for our SaaS service Pantacor Hub only. Please contact sales for information on other configurations and services.

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