Software and firmware lifecycle management at scale

Keeping embedded Linux projects up to date and secure

One of the biggest challenges with embedded IoT devices is keeping devices secure. To avoid a situation of hacked homes, cars and appliances devices need to be easily accessed and updated on a regular basis. How can you make that happen when embedded engineering has not kept up with modern workflows such as those used in the cloud?

Software development in the cloud evolved on a separate trajectory and diverged from where embedded engineering is today. While cloud computing developed DevOps best practices like automated CICD pipelines and works with an invisible infrastructure that abstracts the underlying OS and its resources, embedded engineering has yet to embrace many of these new strategies that enable cloud engineers to rapidly deploy updates

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  • Benefits of DevOps and modern software lifecycle automation
  • Challenges developing on embedded Linux devices
  • How containers improve embedded engineering
  • Building containerized embedded Linux systems with Pantavisor
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