Pantahub One – One-click App store for your Raspberry Pi

A few months back we released an experimental project called Pantahub One. At the time, it was born as a personal project from one of our team to help manage her children’s consumption of digital content as they increasingly spent more time looking at tablets, phones, and the like. We decided to use the Raspberry Pi as the One platform, with parental controls and other filters from Cloudflare’s for Families.

Feedback has been great, we’ve been growing users ever since, and as time passed we kept adding new functionality every other week. This became a theme, and eventually it raised the question of “what if we just make an App store experience, with one-click install for all Raspberry Pi projects”. Thanks to Linux containers and Pantavisor we were able to build a true product experience that focuses on the user and the features, and simplifies the “how”.

Today we are announcing the new Pantahub One ( Turn your Raspberry Pi into a marketplace and aggregate all the functionality that is currently split between several connected devices in your home. Bring your WiFi router, IoT hub, VPN gateway, Set-top-box, TV streamer and more — into One.

Why an App store?

There are many ways to get different software projects on your Raspberry Pi, but all of them involve following lengthy instructions and jumping through hoops that are fun to do if you are looking for a weekend project — but does that scale? There are thousand of exciting, useful projects out there that most people would like to be able to use, and enjoy, right away. We have taken the first steps towards that with Pantahub One.

Thanks to the App store, you can install all kind of applications. We expect to grow more and more apps as time passes, but for now there’s a handful of things you can get started with. Also; adding new app sources, and sharing these with others is very easy.

By default, your One Raspberry Pi will be a fully configurable WiFi hotspot. Get going by installing Nextcloud, Home Assistant, different VPN clients and more. We mentioned thousands of exciting projects, so keep an eye out for new Apps coming to the platform every day — and help us make more of these available to everyone.

If you have questions, feedback, or ideas of cool features to implement then head over to our Reddit for discussion. You have ideas for new Apps? join the discussion, or just create a new Pantahub repository and share it on our discussion board or Twitter!