Embedded Linux Resources for Your Next IoT Project

The latest addition to the Pantacor website is the newly created embedded Linux resources pages. We started these articles to discuss how embedded Linux systems are built today and how containers can help speed up release cycles, improve development workflows, velocity, and device security.

Have you wondered how building embedded systems could be simpler? Maybe you want to know how modern technology like containers can help you reach that goal? Over a series of articles that we call Embedded Linux Resources, we’ll take you through the internals of embedded Linux for building and managing systems and apps for the Internet of Things (IoT). We’ll describe how they are architected, how they work together, and how you can implement containers to efficiently manage the lifecycle of firmware and software of embedded Linux systems.

The first article is our comprehensive page on Building Embedded Linux devices for IoT projects, where we discuss the following:

What is the IoT?

We define what we mean by the Internet of things, where it is on the edge spectrum, and how it impacts development processes.

Examples of IoT devices

Some examples of devices that run Linux. Hint: Linux is truly everywhere, and that’s amazing!

Benefits of using Linux

Besides being open source, why would you choose Linux over other frameworks and languages?

The embedded Linux stack

This section describes the full embedded stack, how it all fits together, and where things can get complicated.

Tools used to build embedded systems

If you have wondered about how to go about building your own system, then this section is what you need as a jumping-off point.

Popular embedded distros

This section is an overview of the embedded specific distros and frameworks there today. We also comment on who some of these can be difficult to work with.

How containers improve embedded Linux distros

Here we finally get to the heart of the matter and discuss how containers can help you speed up your features in production and to keep your devices up to date and secure.

Final Thoughts

Pantavisor and the Pantacor platform allow you to build and manage embedded Linux systems with modern technology like containers. Deploy and transactionally manage your containerized embedded OS to millions of devices over the air in a reproducible manner. With system updates simplified and modularized with containerization, your team can focus on adding new features and adding other value to your IoT network.

For more information, see https://pantavisor.io