ELC19: Embedded Linux at its best, with device containers in the spotlight.

We have just wrapped up an amazing Embedded Linux Conference ’19 in Lyon. Whereas last time it felt like the theme was generally dominated by the Cloud, Kubernetes, and the like — this time we felt there is a resurgence from the real embedded community trying to shift discussion once again to what really matters for the Embedded Linux world.

A total breath of fresh air: discussions about the constraints of low-spec devices, how a service-driven future will affect the requirements of embedded devices, frameworks, and technology stacks for the hundreds of millions of tiny devices out there. You come out with a feeling that resonates through the early days of Linux — that there is no better-prepared and an incredibly smart segment of the Linux community like the Embedded one.

We were happy to be part of these conversations, and to help support the community through our presence at the show. Our booth at the sponsor showcase was a certain stop for all those coming back from the morning keynotes, or the afternoon sessions. Demoing the latest of our technology and having incredible discussions about how to give a new life to the usual monolithic, single-function embedded devices out there was the buzz of the day.

Thanks to the European community (and all those from abroad), as well as the Linux Foundation and the organization team for yet another excellent conference. See you all in Austin next year!