Your partner in modern embedded Linux development

Achieve your unique product vision with the industry’s premier lightweight container deployment solution.

Modular, lightweight, secure.

Turn any Linux-enabled device into a modular and software-defined machine. Use Pantavisor to build and manage containerized embedded systems, supporting LXC and Docker applications and services.

Works on resource-constrained devices with minimal hardware specs

From industrial control systems to consumer electronics, Pantacor offers the most complete solution for embedded Linux devices.

Min 32MB of NAND, NOR, or EMMC storage​

Min 64MB of RAM

ARM, MIPS, RISC-V, x86, PowerPC

Bespoke engineering services from the creators of Pantavisor

Pantacor can be applied to a multitude of use cases, and supports all embedded Linux architectures and distributions.

Smart home automation

Control devices and automate tasks within a smart home system. Enhance security by implementing secure communication protocols and encryption.

Industrial IoT

Deliver reliable, secure, and scalable solutions for industrial control systems. Connect and communicate with other devices, sensors, and cloud-based services.

Consumer electronics & appliances

Personalize appliances to individual users’ preferences, improve energy efficiency, and enable smart diagnostics. Allow consumers to operate appliances remotely.

Managed service providers

Improve network security, optimize performance, and offer new services to end-users on existing hardware while remotely managing connected device fleets.

Smart agriculture solutions

Develop systems that use data analytics and machine learning to analyze farm data and improve crop yields, reduce costs, and optimize resource usage.

In-vehicle infotainment

Provide advanced navigation features, driving safety features, multimedia playback and gaming, and voice recognition to drivers and passengers.

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Pantacor is the only complete lifecycle management solution for embedded Linux systems. Meet far edge resource requirements by implementing container and cloud native technology. 

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