The only universal app store and fleet management platform for every lightweight edge device, every manufacturer.

From legacy consumer CPE to industrial control and IoT, Pantacor is the most complete solution for embedded Linux devices.

Optimized for light-resource, far-edge devices

Fully automated containerized CI/CD pipeline

Best in class app store apps and developers

Open source, standards based, cloud-native

Add a revenue stream to your baseline subscription model through a custom-branded app store that your customers will love

  • Take subscriber base revenue beyond baseline subscription
  • Provide home users with the best in class edge app store
  • Add new revenue channels for operators, partners, and developers

Pantacor turns every lightweight edge device into an

easily managed
revenue generating
apps and services machine


Give every user on every edge device the best in class app store experience. The Pantacor app store connects the top edge apps and developers with your users, generating new recurring revenue streams.


Deliver automated, continuous software lifecycle management to unattended, highly distributed end-consumer devices. Pantacor Fleet adds orchestration to the Pantacor Hub device management system.


Manage Pantacor device state, system revisions, firmware and software lifecycle with Pantacor Hub, or simply use Hub to interface between devices and your third-party management control plane.


Turn any Linux-enabled device into a modular and software-defined machine. Build and manage containerized embedded systems with LXC or Linux containers, including Docker applications and services.

The simplest, most powerful and intuitive lightweight device management system on the market

  • Extend¬†virtually any legacy device’s lifecycle
  • Manage heterogeneous device fleets within one simple, powerful interface
  • Reduce deployment time by eliminating the need for wholesale reinstallation and device-specific configuration
  • Eliminate fragmentation and speed updates consistently, across your entire edge device ecosystem