Pantavisor 011

Pantavisor is the device side containerization framework for embedded Linux devices. It  works together with Pantacor Hub to manage your device firmware and applications. Pantavisor uses Linux containers to enable you to develop, share and manage your own custom Embedded Linux Appliance Solution using Linux container technologies (such as docker).

See, Getting Started with Pantavisor 


Pantavisor 011 is a major feature release and brings a few exciting features to our publicly available platform release:

  1. Support for RPI4 8GB: This release adds support for the 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 recently released. See for all public board support images.
  2. Logging v2: Our new Logging framework allows for a more robust and meta rich logging experience. pvr dev logs grew appropriate features to slice and dice by platform, source, device, revision etc..
  3. Extensible Authentication Module: Write custom pantavisor registration and login handlers and ship them as addons.
  4. Automatic Onboarding Experience with TPM: Our Reference images on x64 by default ship a TPM-ACA registration and login handler. With this you can create factory images that automatically onboard using TPM Attestation Flow to acquire a secure device identity.
  5. Factory Installer for x64-uefi: Our x64 installer offers an option to do a factory install. Factory installs do not install the final system, but instead an intermediate, preconfigured installer be run on first boot to provision the user system.
  6. OEM Config Partition (beta): To make the “basic” factory story more complete we now have an OEM Config partition that allows you to supplement kernel cmdline for uboot images as well as seed an autojoin token when making a zero boot onboarding x64 factory image.
  7. Device CI in Gitlab: we include a first public release of our Device CI Framework for gitlab, please go to our gitlab page for more info on how to use it:

Release Notes

Detailed release notes can be consulted here:


The following items have been included in this release:

Pre-built Initial Images

Initial devices (includes bsp and basic app set):

Pantavisor-only release channels

  • ARMHFpvr merge pantahub-ci/arm_generic_bsp_stable/11#bsp
  • MIPSpvr merge pantahub-ci/mips_generic_bsp_stable/18#bsp
  • AMD64pvr merge pantahub-ci/x64_generic_bsp_stable/13#bsp

BSP release channels

Includes pantavisor, kernel and driver artifacts.

Getting started

If you haven’t tried Pantavisor, we offer a mini distribution with prebuilt images for a growing set of maker boards and x64 uefi architectures, so give it a go:

  1. Create a free account on
  2. Install PVR command line tool release:
  3. Download your flashable image:
  4. Install:
  5. Boot and configure wifi:
  6. Add a first docker app:
  7. Roll a BSP update:
  8. Build your custom appliance image with factory and installer image:

Featured App: ONE

For this release we want to take a look at ONE, a simple yet powerful parental control access-point appliance for your Raspberry Pi 3 and 4.

ONE is a React Webapp that connects to Pantahub through OAuth2 and allows the user to install and manage a device side “Cloudflare for Families” container on their Raspberry Pi through Pantahub


Use our gitlab issue tracker at or reach out to us through