ODROID-C2 now a supported platform on Pantacor

We are happy to announce that ODROID-C2 is now a part of our list of supported platforms. The ODROID-C2 is a solid alternative to the Raspberry Pi model 3 B, and is anywhere from 2 to 10x faster than the Pi 3, depending on the operation, and offers a few great features:

  • 2GHz quad-core Cortex A53 processor (Pi 3 is clocked at 1.2 GHz)
  • Mali-450 GPU (Pi 3 has a VideoCore IV 3D GPU)
  • 2 GB RAM (Pi 3 has 1 GB)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (Pi 3 has 10/100)
  • 4K video support (Pi 3 supports HD… drivers/support are usually better for Pi though)
  • eMMC slot (Pi 3 doesn’t offer this option)
  • UHS-1 clocked microSD card slot (Pi 3 requires overclock to get this speed)

Login to Pantacor Hub

Before getting started installing Pantavisor on the ODROID-C2, it is recommended that you register and create a free account on Pantacor Hub.

Download the image

A prebuilt image with auto-claim feature can be downloaded from Pantacor Hub, this image will allow your ODROID-C2 to automatically join your user account after it connects to the internet.

Animated image showing user selecting the "release-candidate" option from the Select Channel drop-down on the Download Pantavisor image page and then selecting "arm-odroid-c2" from the Select Device drop-down.
Select the ‘release-candidate’ channel and ‘arm-odroid-c2’ device from the drop-down menus.

We recommend following the guidelines in our Docs for step-by-step instructions to get started with flashing the downloaded image on your ODROID-C2 if this is your first time working with Pantacor technology. However, you’ll find a streamlined and general “how-to” below (use the links for more detail).

Boot your device and add it to Pantacor Hub

  1. Make sure you’ve completed the Prerequisites section to set up the environment on your host machine located in our documentation here.
  2. Flash the image onto your sd-card following the instructions outlined here.
  3. Insert the flashed sd-card into your ODROID-C2
Insert your SD-Card into the ODROID-C2
  1. Supply power to your ODROID-C2 using an approved 5V-2A DC power supply.

    ODROID-C2 can be powered from 2.5mm DC Jack or can also be powered from the micro USB OTG port.
2 images.  Left image shows a small USB port labelled "USB OTG" and another jack style port labelled 5V DC Jack. the right image shows a USB cable plugged into the aforementioned USB OTG port.
Supply power to the ODROID-C2
  1. Once the ODROID-C2 has powered up insert a LAN Cable into the ODROID-C2 and follow LAN Connection Setup to connect the ODROID-C2 to the internet.
ODROID-C2 with Ethernet cable plugged into LAN port.
Connect to the internet
  1. After a few minutes your device should automatically join your user account and show up in your dashboard on Pantacor Hub. Refer how to discover your device for more information.

    Note: If your device is not showing up in Pantacor Hub after 5 minutes please ensure that you followed the Download steps above correctly and were logged into your account before downloading the image.
Screenshot showing Pantacor Hub interface with a device added.
Your device will show up in the Device Manager
  1. Congratulations, your ODROID-C2 is now connected to Pantacor Hub!