Build your own Wi-Fi hotspot with Parental Controls using a Raspberry Pi and Cloudflare’s

As we do our part to help curb the spread of the pandemic, our kids are stuck at home more than ever before. Due to the attention that home working demands, and while daycare and schools remain closed, we find them spending more time on their smart devices and consuming all types of content — and as such, it is increasingly important that we make sure they are not in harm’s way.  Introducing Pantahub One.

Today we are presenting a simple, affordable solution to help with this issue. By combining a $35 Raspberry Pi, Cloudflare’s recently-launched for Families and Pantahub’s app platform anyone can setup a Wi-Fi hotspot with configurable parental controls and filters to make sure your kids are not consuming content that wasn’t meant for them.

Whereas most smart devices have some form of parental controls, it is unrealistic to try and configure each and every one via separate mechanisms. Having the filters at the home network level is the easiest way to achieve the wanted protection — and if afterwards you want to browse the open web, it is as easy as tapping on a button.

The included Parental Controls not only extend to general internet filters and browsing but also Game Filters. You can easily block fortnite and other games with the click of a button, as long as your kids devices are connected to the Raspberry Pi WiFi hotspot.

The Raspberry Pi is by far the leading single-board computer in the market, and it is particularly popular with kids who share a common interest in STEM topics. With a large amount of Raspberry Pis in children’s homes all over the world, parents have a straightforward way to use these (or purchase one for $35) and take their home network to the next level of integrated protection.

To get started you can go to and sign up for an account, then follow the simple instructions to set up your Raspberry Pi. Once finished, you can connect your children’s devices to the new network, making sure they are protected even if you are not there to look over their shoulder all the time.